Eco-friendly, Reusable, Super cute, Bag Giveaway Winners!

giveaway bags

Entry time is up and we have a winner!

Make that two winners in the bag giveaway:

#50: Connie Bryant  “My favorite would be a handmade cheesecake with almost any kind of topping or plain.”

#25 Ody: There are two ways to answer this – one, fave dessert ever at some fancy restaurant with snooty waiters and an “amuse-bouche” prior to the meal or a favorite dessert to be consumed on the eve of the walk down the green mile, unrepentant and angry but enjoying the repast nonetheless. For the first, I would select Death by Chocolate by Marcel Desaulniers (The Trellis in Williamsburg, VA). For the second, I would pick the Mexican Pastel Tres Leches with some ripe sliced strawberries, and a pardon from the governor.”

Congrats winners! Contact me at to claim your prizes!



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4 responses to “Eco-friendly, Reusable, Super cute, Bag Giveaway Winners!

  1. If they never contact you and you need a new winner…. I am available! 🙂

  2. Dang…I really wanted one of those. I think they are precious!

    I too am available if no one shows up! 😉

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