White Trash Wednesday! Beach Drink Edition

In honor of the fact that I’m at the beach, today’s white trash recipe is Summer Brew.


1 can frozen limeade
Equal part Vodka
4 beers: preferably something light…corona, blue moon, keystone, natty light.
wooden spoon
limes, optional

Empty the can of frozen limeade into the pitcher. (Keep the can.)
Fill the can with vodka. Pour into pitcher. Stir to melt the limeade. Add the beers.

And if you’re feeling a little classy, throw some sliced limes into the pitcher.
Pour into a plastic solo cup over ice.
Garnish with lime slices and have a seat and enjoy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading down to the pool.



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13 responses to “White Trash Wednesday! Beach Drink Edition

  1. Well, I suppose that’s one way to solve the beer before liquor/liquor before beer dilemma!

  2. Amy

    Mixing beer with vodka is an abomination!
    (runs off to liquor cabinet to hug her vodka tight)

  3. We add a handful of fresh mint to your recipe; we call them “Grasshoppers”. Yum!

  4. Do you have special powers?

    After reading your post all my thoughts have become slightly woozy – Guess who is heading down to the beach and getting drunk with this recipe. Moi – Is the perfect recipe for this horrible Miami Heat!

    Thanks a 1,000,000!

  5. This sounds like a white trash version of a French 75. I’m with Amy – keep that PBR far from me (and my vodka)!

  6. Oh boy, I have to make myself one of these! looks awesome! I will be trying this, preferrably to wash down some nachos!


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