The Farmer’s Market

I have to admit something…I love the Marietta Farmer’s Market. Can I admit something else? I have yet to buy people food there. It’s true. Not one thing that my husband and I can eat. Instead I buy doggie treats. And I don’t mean to gross anyone out, but I’m seriously considering eating one of those treats. I mean, come on, they’re gingersnap treats for dogs. They have cinnamon in them. Hello, I’m sorry, but I love cinnamon. I’m just sayin’.
mfm dog treats
Okay, so I don’t really go to a farmer’s market for the purchasing. I go for the photos. Because to be fair, the fruits and veggies there are just about as pretty as they can be. And since I’m a hound for any pretty foods, I’m always game to drag my camera along for the ride. And in turn, I get to share them with you.

mfm cantaloupes

And did I mention they sell pot pies?
mfm pot pies
Because they do. And one day, I might even buy one.

mfm fruits

mfm fruits 2

And this is reason #29 why I’m falling in love with the burbs.



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9 responses to “The Farmer’s Market

  1. Mary T

    So glad you’re loving the ‘burbs. And I love farmers markets! Let me know how the doggie treats taste…

  2. Rhooby

    WHAT?????? You’re not buying food at a farmer’s market? Did you happen to see all that luscious food? Really see it? I’m all over that one! We’re goin!

  3. Amy

    Love farmers markets, or really any open-air market. I totally understand getting treats for your dogs, but you gotta get some of that great looking food for you, too. It’s only fair!
    Gorgeous pictures!

    • In all fairness, the hubs and I are going out of town on Tuesday night so I didn’t want to waste perfectly good veggies. (yes, they would have gone bad…)

  4. what a great post! I love farmers’ market!

  5. Wendi

    Katie, I never seem to get out of bed in time to get to the farmers markets. Why can’t the farmers markets have bankers hours???

    • I know! I was really lucky. The one I hit up on Saturday ended at 12n. I got a good 2 hours in before I hit up the cupcakery down the street. 🙂

  6. I made treats just like that for all the doggies in my extented family last holidays, flour, pumpkin puree & spice, baked up into a little bone. Dogs were obsessed with them, but in my opinion they needed about a cup of sugar and a different shape.

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