Top 5 Local Restaurants – #3

Let me just say, I get easily distracted.  It just dawned on me that it’s been at least 5 days since I posted my last favorite local restaurant.  I’m sorry.  I kinda suck sometimes.

To make it up to you, I might, just might be having a giveaway sometime soon. {hint hint}

(See, I can be nice.)

So today, I have to share with you my #3 most favorite Atlanta restaurant.  This time we’re not talking about diners or burger joints. Nope, not today kids. Today it’s all about Bacchanalia.

photo courtesy of zagat courtesy of the restaurant itself

According to Zagat, Bacchanalia is considered the Top Food in Atlanta as well as the Most Popular restaurant. 

But don’t just take their word for it.  You can take mine too. (…or my huband’s word, or my in-laws’…)

Bacchanalia is hands down one of the most amazing dining experiences you’ll ever have in Atlanta.  As the restaurant offers a four course prix fixe menu comprised of an appetizer, a main entree, a cheese course, and a dessert, the restaurant always stands apart from the crowd.  The food is consistently delicious and the service is impeccable.  And it’s one of those places where you only get the rare opportunity to visit when it’s on someone else’s dime.

And if I were so lucky, this is exactly what I would select for my dining experience:

Appetizer:  Blue Crab Fritter, Citrus Thai Pepper Essence

Main: Local Berkshire Pork Loin, White Grits, Andouille Sausage, Pot Likker Jus

Cheese: Pecorino Romano, Fava Beans, Artichokes, Young Fennel, Marcona Almonds

Dessert: Lime Parfait, Gingersnap Crumble, Toasted Meringue

Now if you don’t mind, I need to conjure up an excuse for my husband to take me there.



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13 responses to “Top 5 Local Restaurants – #3

  1. pajamadays

    Hi Katie! It just dawned on me that my best friend is moving to Atlanta in June. I added you to my blogroll so that she can access your blog more easily (she should just subscribe!). Thanks for all of this terrific information. That restaurant looks beautiful.

  2. You do many wonderful things, Katie…but you never suck! You are fantastic!

  3. rhooby

    ahhhhh…… looooove this place!! there are just too many good restaurants in atlanta. it’s not fair. that goodness needs to be spread around.

  4. Katie-
    I followed you here from the comment you left on my blog. I LOVE your blog…and will now be a stalker 😉 Maybe I can get some good cooking info from you! ha!

    Ps. even though I can’t really cook, I can bake!
    Check out my cake blog sometime!

    • Now Lindsey, that’s awesome. I cannot bake to save the life of me. I try, but baking and I are not friends. At all.
      I’m off to check out your site now. And feel free to stalk anytime! 🙂

  5. I want to go to this restaurant. Must get to Atlanta, first! Love your blog … still trying to get a grip on the tater tot thing 😉

    • Hi izzie! Yes the tater tot thing is kinda crazy! So glad you stopped by. And definitely come to Atlanta. We’ve got some pretty great restaurants here.

  6. Mary T

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

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  8. Kelly

    This is the best restaurant in Atlanta – worth every penny!

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