Melissa’s Cherry Cobbler {your recipes}

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Melissa.

To quote Melissa, “This recipe is way too easy to really be considered baking…but it’s my go-to dessert when I have to take something somewhere! It’s basically a homemade “Dump cake” with canned pie filling… Cherry is the yummiest, but you could make it with any canned pie filling.”

So I heeded her advice and made it exactly as her recipe said to.
melissa's cherry cobbler

And let me just state for the record…
I am so glad I did.
cherry cobbler

Melissa, I have no shame in saying that your go-to dessert, is about to become my “go-to” dessert!
Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with me.

So…to recap:
3/4 stick margarine
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 cup self-rising flour
1 can cherry pie filling

melt margarine
mix milk, sugar, and flour. pour over margarine.
spoon pie filling on top.
sprinkle sugar on top.
bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes til top browns.




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12 responses to “Melissa’s Cherry Cobbler {your recipes}

  1. yay! I am glad you made it. And loved it. It’s soooo easy and soooo yummy!

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  4. Mmmmm. I was some fruit bake now.

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  6. Amy

    What? No sifting, no folding, no creaming butter with sugar? This is my kind of dessert!

  7. I think I (a/k/a she who can burn food just by looking in the kitchen) may even be able to handle this. Yum.

  8. i just pinned this bc you actually blogged it (and I have not!). I also have this in my oven right now! Can’t wait to eat it. I am pretty sure my “nesting” has come in the form of baking/cooking

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