white trash wednesday – a story

As many of you know, my husband and I recently moved to the suburbs. Translation= we moved into a much bigger house. To put this into perspective, we basically tripled the square footage with the new house. That means we have loads and loads of furniture we need to buy in order to make it look as though we’re not squatters.

So last Thursday night, instead of actually going out and purchasing a kitchen table, a couch or a chair, the husband and I drove straight to the AT&T store where we purchased iPhones. 16g iPhones.

So while we may not have a chair to sit in, we will at least be able to look at them on our phones.

And that my friends, is white trash.

And in honor of this white trash decision, we’ll be eating meals like this for the next 6 months…at least.

“A Real Italian Treat”
1 jar of Ragu
3 hot dogs cut up

Boil pasta
Heat sauce over medium heat
Add cut up hot dog into the sauce. Cook until heated through.
Drain pasta.
Toss pasta with sauce and hot dog.

Serve with a Pepsi RC Cola*.

“Now that’s I-talian.”

(thanks sheldon)

*thanks to the husband for pointing out that the real white trash drink would be rc cola.



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18 responses to “white trash wednesday – a story

  1. That is a great story šŸ™‚

  2. But you have the internet in the palm of your hand now! Wish you had that iPhone while on jury duty, don’t ya?

  3. rhooby

    hahaha… this is a great “cousin eddie” story!

  4. I laughed out loud on this one and totally empathize with the iPhones.
    BTW, Big Bang Theory is one of our favorite shows.

    • oh and did i mention that because of your photos, i downloaded the hipstamatic phone app?
      thanks lou. ’cause i need to spend another 1.99. šŸ™‚

      (and btw, tbbt is one of my favorite shows as well!)

  5. This is a great site

  6. iPhone before furniture?!? That is hardcore!!

    • right? my mother would be so proud.

      • Reminds me of a little story. When my wife and I divorced we had two dining room tables. A big monstrous one in the formal dining room that we never used (that my wife just HAD to have) and a smaller everyday table in the kitchen nook. My wife had promised me the smaller one and that she’d make do on the formal one. (Again, the one that she just HAD to have.) Come moving day, however, she had changed her mind and decided to keep both. My son and I moved into our new home with no furniture, no dishes, no nuthin’. We sat on the floor for six months while she lived it up high on the hog with TWO dining room tables. Grr.

        That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to trade a table for an iPhone. šŸ™‚

  7. iPhone…ha! I’m going to make a huge admission here….I thought the hot dog dish sounded good. I love that type of stuff…and have made many a creation to save money. You get used to it! YUM!

    • well, with my double mortgage fast approaching, i may be eating weanie spaghettie too. okay, that sounded really gross. but i did just chuckle to myself.

  8. Amy

    Wow. You’re fancy. You add hot dogs to your basketti!
    You gonna buy a bass boat next? šŸ™‚

  9. redriverpak

    Thanks to this post, I just yelled “Put down that RC ya little White Trash Hillbilly!!!” at my 13yr old…..

    (The wife and I are Coke fans…)

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