A new look

Yesterday I started toying around with the idea of changing up things by adding a new logo.  I asked Shutterboo if she’d do it for me help me out.  {If you haven’t seen her logo, click on over and check it out.}

As I tend to share stories with anyone who will listen, I told co-worker Jay / my buddy about the idea. It took him 5 seconds to create these glorious pieces of art.

eat and reheat


I’m thinking Jay might be onto something with Cupcakey. Of course, I’m not sure exactly what a cupcake eating a microwave means, but it looks cute.



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9 responses to “A new look

  1. rhooby

    awww…. i like your blog the way it is.

  2. I’ve grown rather fond of the current look, too. I think it goes without saying that any change freaks me out.

    That second image is hilarious! The look on that cupcake’s face is perfect. 🙂

    • i gotta say cupcakey is pretty bad ass. i’m partial to his chiclet style teeth.
      and tom, i have a feeling that you and my friend jay would get along very well. i’m actually not entirely certain you two weren’t separated at birth.

      • I can only take that as a compliment and at the same time an insult against Jay. Be it known that any compliments directed at me are treated as serious threats! 🙂

  3. Let me go against the grain and say I love the idea of a new look!! Then again, I’m in the process of getting my site “just so,” and am in a changy kinda mood.

    I looove the cupcake eating the microwave. I think it’s perfect for your site.

    • and i gotta say that it looks awesome becki! you’ll have to tell me your secret! who’s hosting it? etc…and you have a .com! that’s awesome!

      • Thank you! There’s still lots of kinks to work out, but my amazing computer nerd programmer hubby is handling it all. Per him:

        I’m hosting it.
        we’ve got a linode VPS, thats as raw as it comes versus having our own facility with redundant lines and our own hardware.
        Tell ‘er its fed to her fresh with arch linux and cherokee web server.
        Hot and spicy.

        For more nerdspeak, you can visit his site: http://www.davisd.com


  4. Amy

    I “redecorate” my site all the time cause I get bored when something is the same for too long. So, I’m all for the change!
    LOVE the cupcake eating the microwave! Would look great on a t-shirt!

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