white trash wednesday!

Alright, shoot me. It’s late, but at least it’s still Wednesday, right?

Since I posted the baked ziti recipe late last night I figured I’d give you some time to digest everything.  Get it? Digest? Man I crack myself up!

But here we are…it’s Wednesday and I need to share a new white trash recipe with the world. Or the 5 of you who may (or may not) actually read this blog.

It’s Grilled Cheese with potato chips in the middle, courtesy of The Middle.

2 Velveeta slices
Two slices of white bread
Crushed potato chips

Melt tbsp of butter over low to medium heat.
Meanwhile, spread softened butter or country crock spread on outside bread pieces.
Layer bread with Velveeta slices and crushed plain potato chips. Might I recommend Lay’s Classics.
Make a sandwich, place in buttery saute pan.
Heat until golden brown, then flip, heating other side until cheese has turned into a melty goodness and bread is golden brown.

Serve with a dill pickle.

{thanks frankie heck}



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16 responses to “white trash wednesday!

  1. I make my grilled cheese with the sliced dill pickles in the sandwich! never thought to put potato chips in there! Thanks!

  2. Lori Schmidt Lutze

    Hi Katie O. I’m mentioning your blog in my blog tomorrow–May 6. Maybe you’ll return the favor someday? xoxoxo

  3. Lori Schmidt Lutze

    My link didn’t pop up so here it is: http://llutze.wordpress.com

  4. Dionne Baldwin

    I love putting chips in my sandwich this sounds GOOOOD! And yes I get it you crack me up too. 🙂

  5. Potato chips in sandwiches… classic white trash… LOVE IT!!!

  6. rhooby

    potato chips, mayo, and white bread. a potato chip sandwich. your sandwich is very dressed up!

  7. uh… I’d eat that. Throw some bacon on it and I might make out with it.

  8. Amy

    This sounds strangely intriguing. You could totally change the flavor profile by using different kinds of chips. BBQ? Salt & Vinegar? Sour Cream & Onion? The possibilities are endless!

    • I like it. I’m thinking you could even throw some cheese puffs on there for a super fancy white trash grilled cheese. Sounds like something that Britney Spears might eat.

  9. Yummo! You’re so cleaver… 🙂 The potato chip sammy is one of my college staples that I just never let die. I suspect one day I’ll get real classy, make a shrimp salad sandwich with pesto chips. But until then it’s just miracle whip and ruffles.

    PS where’s the pic at?

    • i know, I’m bad about wtw photos. i like to make them later on once i’ve gotten the stomach to actually create one of these beauties.
      although i fully admit that the microwave brownies were pretty tasty.

  10. pajamadays

    LOL! Love the “title” – growing up my dad had a friend who would make his famous “Motley” burgers (that was his last name, actually, but fitting) and he would put crushed potato chips in the meat mixture.

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