Sugar Coma

Or what I like to call “I’ll use any excuse to eat sweets at 730 in the morning”.

This weekend I took part in one of the most decadent events I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing….Sugar Coma (Redux) courtesy of the incredibly talented Shameeka Ayers of The Broke Socialite.  As I was unable to join in the festivities of the inaugural Sugar Coma tour back in January, I chomped at the bit to partake in the Redux.

For those of you not lucky enough to live in driving distance of Atlanta, I’ll just sum the event up like this…

sugar coma collage

Okay, just kidding…

In a nutshell, Sugar Coma is a chauffered tour of local bakeries, sweeteries, cupcakeries, and all around really tasty restaurants. Basically, it really is an excuse to pig out on sweets. (Bet you’re interested now.)

So we started off the day at No Mas Cantina where we tasted Mexican Hot Chocolate and a divine breakfast spread (that unfortunately, my friend and I gorged ourselves on…)

highland bakery sign
Then we boarded our shuttle and headed straight to Highland Bakery.

Now, as someone who has lived in Atlanta for over a decade, I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never ventured into this bakery. Let’s just say that I won’t make that mistake again.

Then it was down the street to Cacoa Atlanta
where we were greeted by the most adorable business owner ever, Kristen Hard. A beyond talented chef whose creations take her from “bean to chocolate bar”. Seriously…this is something you must check out for yourselves.

Next we hit up Bakeshop where we were treated to these delicious pastries.

And we rounded out the event at Noon Midtown. Again, more insane treats. This time doughnuts were involved.
Not just any doughnuts though…Sumblime Doughnuts. And let’s just say that’s a story for another day.

All in all the event was truly sinful in one of those sugar rush straight to the brain kind of ways. After it was all said and done, I realized that I am one lucky girl to live in a city with such incredible culinary talent.

So- if you’re game, there will be two more Sugar Coma events happening in June in Atlanta. The really good news? Shameeka will be taking her event on the road so you too can experience the thrill of full on sugar shock.

I’ve heard rumblings of a Sugar Coma Charleston.
Charleston people!!
Who’s with me?

ps. I’m happy to report that I did in fact pace myself. So I only gained 2 lbs instead of 15.



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71 responses to “Sugar Coma

  1. *swoons* (and I was there!!!). Thanks so much for sharing in Sugar Coma Redux and the kind review you’ve offered. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope you’ll join us again. Cheers!

  2. You got some really great pictures, Katie! And you’ve made me jealous. 🙂

  3. ohhh goodness.

    I want to go to there. And there. And there. And…

    TBS, do a tour in the Florida panhandle. Puuuhlleeeeeease!!!

  4. oh…I love sugar. All kinds.

  5. Wow! The pictures said it all. This sounds like something different and interesting to do.

  6. Love your pics and the food looks amazing!!! I am very jealous that I did not get to go…I’m here in WA. I have an insane sweet tooth and now I am craving some good quality, sweet baked goods!!!

    I have heard of Sublime Donuts and never been in the area. 😦

  7. Genee

    Amazing pics. Brings back awesome memories of the maiden voyage that I was privileged to attend. TBS Sugar Comas should be on everyone’s bucket list!

  8. Warning: Do not read this article when you are hungry and it is lunch time.

    Hmmm…what should I have for lunch? Oh yes, chocolate cake.

  9. Hi,
    I have yet to make a bakery trip like yours in France. But it could be a great idea.
    I think that some of the drivers in the pictures on my site could be conceived to have been in Sugar Comas! Check it out if you have time


  10. Amy

    Now, that’s my kind of “pub crawl”! It all looks sooo good. Your pics are great, too. Love all the glass containers with the colorful candies. And I agree – Charleston would be awesome for something like this.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed, too!

  11. Thanks for that! One more thing to add to my ever growing ‘bucket list’. Looks too yummy! Those pictures are going to haunt my dreams!


  12. I love this idea! I may have to organize an event in Portland, Oregon. Thanks so much for sharing and, well done you, on making it to the Fresh Pressed page!

  13. Ooh! These are such exciting finds for when I move back to Atlanta in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing!

    • Laura, you definitely have to sign up for one of her next two events. One will be outside the perimeter and the other “freeze”…all ice creams and milkshakes.

  14. Delightful treats! They look ohhh so good.

  15. oh my goodness!!! I think I just fainted! what a great way to wake up from a nap!

  16. rhooby

    GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WAS I NOT INVITED!!!! this is my kind of entertainment!!!

  17. Cupcakes are my FAVORITE and those high frosting tops look wonderful. I am truly jealous.

  18. charskitchen

    wow katie, your pictures are incredible, and the food looks SO good! i wish we had some of those bakeries here…

  19. I am a jealous wreck – what fun! Hope it happens it my neck of the woods. Thanks for the great post!

  20. Fantastic photographs of the food you would most like to be. I want to be a pickle. Where do you keep those photos?

  21. Sweet treats:P 😛 😛 Thanks for sharing such these tasty yummy pics:)

  22. Okay, now I’m craving everything in the beautiful photos!!!

    This is great stuff! Yummy!

    Ramona Kent
    Author of
    ~Anomar’s Journey~

  23. Oh, I wanted to go to this so bad! I went to the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show instead. It was good but I have such a sweet tooth. I hope I can make it to the next one in June!

    • oh you are so lucky sandy! how was it?? no doubt you had a blast there. as for sugar coma, there are two more fast approaching. i think the broke socialite said that tickets go on sale this weekend… (?)

  24. This blog makes me starving! But thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it 😉

  25. great photos! See you at the next one.

  26. it is way past my bedtime and for some unknown reason i am trawling delicious food sites! wrong, wrong , wrong. but glad i found this, it was almost time for blog desserts. this sounds and looks and in my head tastes scrumptuous. and am def can try do my own sweet trek around my hometown in cape town. thanks for the great idea 😉

  27. no doubt, these sweets are just to die for..katie you have a knack at photography… 😉

  28. robocooker

    mmmmm….. sublime doughnuts!!!!

  29. Yeah! So glad you liked the tour and the sublime donut profiteroles! They were hard not to eat while putting them together with the homemade vanilla ice cream and espresso sauce. 😉

  30. Songbird

    OMG, you must’ve had the best day ever!! I had never heard of Sugar Coma before, but what a fabulous idea!

  31. Daniel

    Can you say DIABETES???

  32. Where were you Sunday when I needed pie?!! Huh? Huh?

  33. Ok. This has just been put on my ‘must do before i die’ list. All that yumminess-could turn an atheist into an agnostic.

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  35. I love sweet yummy food, snack, pastries, candies, just name it. Ooooohh… wish I was there.

  36. Lori Schmidt Lutze

    I’m trying to give up sweets because I can’t eat just one…………’s a tough job…………

    • lori, that sounds like me at lent every year. i think i’m going to be able to give up sweets, but the the headaches start in…the intense need for cupcakes…and it’s all over with. 🙂

  37. becky

    ohmigod. I’m salivating.

  38. srqpix

    This sounds like something that would go over really good here in Sarasota, FL…yum!

  39. Oh God. I hope they do it in Charleston, land of all things delicious. I’m up in Knoxville for the summer, someone should start one up there too. Delish!

  40. Yum! Awww… I wish I could’ve gotten tickets – it was sold out! Superb photography and tasty treats. Charleston would definitely interest me. Please keep me informed if you hear of the details.

  41. Andrea

    Oh wow we need a broke pre-med student sugar coma tour here in Seattle for our students! Yum yum! What a fantabulous idea and event thank you for sharing! I am going to see if we can’t arrange this for our group here too! We’re all broke…..maybe we can have our student gv’t pay for it as a bonding experience for us all!

  42. Sugar Coma sounds like a really good event!Both literally and figuratively. I used to live in the Atlanta area and am sad that I’ve never been fortunate enough to have this experience.Great review and I’m on the look out for the tour stops.

  43. LOOKS SO GOOD! thanks for posting.

  44. This blog is very good. Thanks for this. I will bookmark this page.

  45. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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