a little gift from a sweet friend

As I mentioned here, when you move into a new home people tend to give you things.  People are nice like that.  Internet friends are nice like that too. 

Because the other day I drove up to the new house to find a package waiting at my front door. A package that made me realize my internet friend was also a real friend. For inside she had packed in the most thoughtfully fun gifts one (outside of Louisville) could hope to receive.


And each gift was numbered so that it corresponded with the sweet letter that was included…


So that I knew that Kern’s Derby Pie actually meant something…


And that Modjeskas were named for a once famous actress…


And that after drinking a mint julep, I’d be a minty breathed drunk…


and that what was inside this box might knock me on my bum….


and that hanging this upside down over a doorway would bring good luck to my new home….

bourbon balls

and that these little beauties actually did make me feel all tingly inside even though I only ate just one.

And because it’s Derby week up in Louisville, my friend’s hometown, she sent a piece of the Derby tradition to me.

And I couldn’t be happier about it.

So thank you sweet friend.  Thank you for such an incredibly thoughtful gift. 

Oh wait…did you hear that?  That was the box of bourbon balls calling my name…



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12 responses to “a little gift from a sweet friend

  1. cute! and very sweet… internet friends are good to have!

  2. Wow… you have such cool internet friends in Kentucky. I swear, she must be awesome. 🙂

  3. rhooby

    wow!! that shutterboo is a sweetheart!!!! give her my address…

  4. i know, right? and those bourbon balls = awesomeness. i’m going to have to get that recipe and share it with the entire free world. they are awesome! wait, did i say that already?

  5. pajamadays

    What an awesome gift! The packaging was beautiful too (the pictures were perfect, btw). Thank you Melissa for directing me to this blog. I’ll be snooping around now. : )


  6. Amy

    I don’t like bourbon, but I love those balls. Wait. That doesn’t sound right.
    What an awesome and thoughtful gift!

  7. This is what friends (including internet friends) are for, awesome. The greatest thing is that they do know exactly what style we (theirs friends) like, thus the gifts really are pretty useful. Oh, and dood to know that hanging something – is that a horse shoe? – apparently brings luck to a new home. I would like to know whether it really does.

  8. Very sweet gifts from an obviously very sweet friend! They’re very cute. Nice blog

  9. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

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