Welcome to the ‘hood


Have I mentioned how much I love the suburbs? I do.

The difference between city living and burb life is pretty substantial. In the city, I barely spoke to my neighbors. In the new neighborhood, they all speak to me. They drop off house plants and muffins. They wish you well. They play with your dogs. They offer lawnmowers and weedeaters. They talk to you in the rain. And they give you their home and cell phone numbers.

And did I mention they bring over muffins? Because they do.
And it’s wonderful. And now I’m hoping that the ladies will have some secret plan to take me under their wings and teach me everything they know about baking. Because let’s don’t kid ourselves, I want to be Donna Reed. I really do. But that will be our little secret. MMkay?

ps…I think I could get used to this.



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8 responses to “Welcome to the ‘hood

  1. 1. I had no idea this was your post – I saw the muffin and went “ooh” and clicked.
    2. I’m glad it was your post.
    3. I want that muffin.

  2. Mary T

    those muffins do look yummy. and i LOVE my ‘hood.

  3. Annie

    The burbs rock!

  4. Frank Trice

    And in Mobile, the exact opposite is true. I live almost in downtown Mobile. Its a great place to get your lawnmower stolen but the neighbors and the interactions are wonderful. In the burbs, no one talks to each other and you barely know your neighbor.
    I am happy you found a good burb Katie!

    I will be looking for a good handwritten recipe to send your way.


  5. rhooby

    hooray for the burbs!!!! and you found the perfect one! i know you’re going to love it there!!!!!

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