Your Recipes

I love recipes.  I love them old, I love them new, and I especially love recipes that have a special meaning or memory. For me, that’s kind of what this whole cooking thing is all about.  Passing down your favorite dishes to your friends, family, or anyone out there who enjoys cooking is really a special thing.

I’ve shared a few of my favorite family recipes on this site since I started blogging a year ago.  Now it’s your turn to share those special recipes with me…and everyone else.   

Each month I’m going to select a new reader submitted recipe to test (I say test because the making of any one of these dishes could go horribly wrong…remember kids, it’s me we’re talking about here, not a real cook) and then share with the internetworld.  If you have a copy/photo/cartoon version of this recipe, that would make it even more special.  (I love handwritten recipes something fierce.)

So, your task if you choose to accept it:

Email me at with your most cherished recipe and include a little bit of what makes the recipe meaningful to you. 

Now go forth friends and find those recipes.



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12 responses to “Your Recipes

  1. Great idea. I adore handwritten recipes. I have an entire scrap book full of them from my grandmothers and mom. my favorite is for pickles. There is no way i could ever make them… it says… ” Salt pickles. 12 cups water. 3 cups vinegar. 1 cup salt. Heat and pour over pickles in jar.” ha! But its my granny’s handwriting and I love it! I have made pickles before, and I think there is more to it then that. (like cucumbers!)

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  3. Homemade macaroni and cheese is the best. Forget that icky old box! 🙂

    This isn’t handwritten but it is my favorite, one I’ve made too many times since going vegetarian. I used to make the one in my Fannie Farmer Cookbook but it requires basic white sauce which is a pain. This version has what is basically and easier route to a white sauce, unless I’m completely off my rocker. It’s remarkably quick and easy to make, too.

    We usually melt a little butter into breadcrumbs and spread on top for a crunchy topping. Just bake covered with aluminum foil and remove the foil during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking.

    Marvelous Macaroni and Cheese

    • perfect! i love me some mac and cheese. won’t touch the box stuff ever. since i was a kid that stuff skeeved me out. can’t wait to try this recipe tom. thanks!

    • i am making this asap!

      • Let us know how it goes if you can. Personally I love it!

        The recipe calls for extra-sharp cheddar, which I get when the budget allows. But medium cheddar works just fine, too. Maybe a hoity toity person with taste buds can tell the difference but I can’t.


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  6. This is another favorite from my pre-veggie days. We made a veggie version just the other night. 🙂

    It’s a bit of false advertising since it contains no actual bourbon. 🙂

    Bourbon Chicken

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