chicken carbonara alla jennifer

Just in case you don’t have quite enough pasta recipes in your arsenal, here’s another one to add to the mix.

My sister sat down with me a few weeks back and threw out four quick and relatively easy pasta dishes that she’s created.  (Have I mentioned that she is the far superior cook/baker of the two of us? Just sayin’.) This one really is incredibly tasty. I mean it calls for bacon for pete’s sake!

And because sister created this, I’ve named it Chicken Carbonara Alla Jennifer in her honor.

linguine rigate
chicken breasts
alfredo sauce (we use classico)
small jar of bruschetta
bacon 4-5 slices
olive oil

While boiling pasta, brown chicken in a tbsp of olive oil.
In a second saute pan, cook the bacon, crumbling when done.
Heat alfredo sauce over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
While heating the alfredo sauce, add a couple of spoonfuls of the bruschetta to the mix. (You can add as much or as little as you’d like, it truly all depends on your preference.)

Once chicken is cooked, dice and add to sauce mix. Followed by the bacon crumbles. Heat through.

Pour sauce mix over drained pasta and serve immediately.

chicken carbonara alla jennifer

And enjoy the wonderful bacony goodness.



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3 responses to “chicken carbonara alla jennifer

  1. rhooby

    ohhhhhh, that looks sooo good!!!!

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