JCT Kitchen

In my business, I have a couple of perks that mainly revolve around food. When clients come to town, we dine. And we dine well. And let’s be honest, that’s a pretty great thing, especially for a hungry girl like me.

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at a local joint (down the street from my former house) at JCT Kitchen. For those of you not in Atlanta, let’s just say that it’s a perfect place to dine on Southern fare. The restaurant itself is adorable (and what I wish my own dining room/kitchen resembled).

See here:
jct kitchen.2jpg

And here:
jct kitchen

And although the restaurant itself is preciously adorable, the food is that much more delightful. While my co-diners enjoyed angry mussels, flounder, and shrimp & grits, I stayed traditional in my choice and opted for the fried chicken, mac & cheese, and garlicky green beans. Because sometimes a Southern girl just needs the basics.

So if you’re ever in Atlanta and need a taste of the South, stop on over at JCT Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

And I’ll keep you posted on my next work/dining extravaganza!



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8 responses to “JCT Kitchen

  1. Hi
    Can’t wait to try this spot- thanks for the heads up! A photo of us at the Beacham Series party is over on Blayne’s blog – check it out.

  2. Since we’re in the same field, I have to say that’s what stinks about not being near our sales teams. We barely ever get to put a face with a voice or get out of the negotiating mumbo-jumbo. Hell, we didn’t even get holiday cards this year. But that’s OK… I don’t know if I would want to dine with Mr W. Ahole. You know exactly what I’m talking about too. 🙂

  3. Oohhhhh…mac and cheese….if I lived in Atlanta…

  4. Dang. I wish I had known about that when I visited Atlanta. We ended up instead an Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth where I had “Hot Chili ‘Gator” alligator and got to meet the man himself. 🙂

    • okay, acworth is nowhere near atlanta silly! i guess you just need an excuse to get to see the real thing. as for the hot chili gator, i don’t know if i should be impressed or horrified. i’m leaning towards horrified. 🙂

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