saying goodbye to an old friend

Tomorrow morning my husband and I are moving out of our townhome and up to suburban life.

Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my dear sweet kitchen.
view of kitchen

While the space isn’t the biggest, it has treated me well. I’ve learned a lot in this place…namely that I cannot make oatmeal cookies. But  that’s not to say I haven’t made other things that worked out well.  After all, I can make a mean red velvet whoopie pie.

Leaving this kitchen behind, along with some of my favorite appliances (I’ll miss you gas range), is really going to be like saying goodbye to an old friend.  We may have had our differences (I’m talking to you dirty dishes), but we’ve always remained good friends.

Thank you for 5 wonderful years.



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6 responses to “saying goodbye to an old friend

  1. Buh-bye shoebox. Hello normal size room.
    I know this only because you told me so. Good luck moving!!

  2. Loved meeting you last night! What a fun party Blayne had. Good luck with your move this weekend.

  3. Rhooby

    Kinda sad leaving your “honeymoon house”, but think of all the goodies you’ll make in your new kitchen!

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