The 5 Things I Can’t Live Without – Part 4

Continuing with my top 5 kitchen must haves :

And coming in at #4 on my list of 5 kitchen items I absolutely cannot live without:

my cookbooks!
cookbooks 6/365

Or rather, my extensive collection of cookbooks.

Let’s just say I’ve acquired quite a few over the years. This assortment barely covers the number I have in storage right now. (Moving this weekend and had to limit the number of cookbooks I could keep in the house while on the market.)

If it weren’t for these little beauties, I’d be making spaghetti with meat sauce every night. Sad, right?

Do you live entirely on cookbooks? What are some of your favorites?



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5 responses to “The 5 Things I Can’t Live Without – Part 4

  1. Rhooby

    I love regional cookbooks. Locals add their names to the recipes so you can track em down if they’re lousy.

  2. Frank Trice

    The Mobile Junior League Cook Book.

    Lu Lu Buffet’s Crazy Sista Cookbook is great for entertaining and seafood.

  3. I love one of my granddad/grandmom’s cookbooks: the Jackson Chamber of Commerce cookbook. As in Jackson, Alabama. It’s classic.

  4. My all-time favorite is The Fannie Farmer Cookbook. That thing has seen considerable use.

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