i ♥ spudnuts

The in-laws are currently in town right now so my husband and his dad can enjoy a weekend’s worth of golf at The Masters.  Nice, huh?
My mother in law and I are taking a different approach to the weekend. Instead of enjoying golf, we’re enjoying food.  So far, we’ve made stops at  West Egg Cafe, Taqueria Del Sol, and Henri’s Bakery. This morning’s breakfast will be at Park 75.  Let’s just say we’re eating well.

However, the best food so far is a little treat the in-laws always bring with them from their hometown of Charlottesville.

spudnuts 8/365

These are Spudnuts. Not doughnuts my friends, “Spudnuts” and they are little pieces of heaven. At this moment, I’m wondering if it would be wrong to eat a blueberry one before going to breakfast.

Yeap, these are the tough decisions in my life.



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4 responses to “i ♥ spudnuts

  1. BTW – I LOVE the new look!

  2. Forget the golf – it’s all about the food! Spudnuts?? Whatever they are, they look amazing!

    • biz319: spudnuts are a-mazing. instead of using wheat flour, spudnuts are made with potato flour. don’t know if that does anything for the health factor (doubt it), but they taste phenomenal. it’s a shame that i don’t have a spudnuts shop anywhere within driving distance. my in laws bring them when they visit…from virginia! maybe that’s what makes the spudnuts taste even better!

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