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It’s funny, the article that appeared yesterday in the New York Times called “First Camera, Then Fork” has really struck a chord with many people.  Heck, I’ve already seen it referenced here and here. And it’s true.  There are a gazillion food bloggers on-line right this very minute.  Apparently, we’d all rather photograph our food than eat it.

I fully admit, I’m guilty of this.  I take pictures of desserts
key lime pie

and drinks
1/365 coffee=home

and treats
spudnuts 8/365

more now than I ever did before.

Some say it’s to document the food they’re eating. It’s a way to chronicle weight loss…(or in my case, weight gain). I say I do it because it’s fun. Because it teaches me how to use my camera with subjects that don’t move. And with subjects that never complain.

Don’t get me wrong, I do draw the line occasonally. I can’t drag my camera out all of the time. It gets a bit exhausting and a little bit annoying.

But I do enjoy snapping shots of some decent things I’ve made. If anything, it proves that I’m not quite as bad in the kitchen as I tend to think I am. But more importantly, it teaches me how to be a better photographer.



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7 responses to “Food + Photography

  1. I don’t take pics of EVERYthing I eat. But most of my new recipes I try or pretty food out and about I do. Then I blog it. My kid thinks I am crazy. But you are right, you really can test the lighting and learn the camera on a subject that doesn’t complain!

  2. I think it’s important, as a food blogger, to photograph your finished product. “This is how it’s supposed to look.” I’m not too hot in the kitchen so if I can get a little visual, I’d know that the gravy should stay white and not turn an off-shade of burnt sienna.
    And if I think something is really pretty, I photograph it. Why not? Like you said, it’s inanimate and doesn’t complain. I like it already. πŸ™‚

    • let’s be honest, who wants to look at a food blog where there are no photos of food? i don’t want to read a recipe, I want to see it. i want to experience it through my computer. and that is exactly why i do it. so brooke will say, “nom nom”.


      • nom.
        And that’s exactly how I feel about photography blogs. I read a post the other talking about depth of field without photos. Or example images. I’m just supposed to picture in my vapid skull all the crap he was describing. I almost (almost) commented “what? no examples?” but I can’t handle a comment war. Let there pictures!!!

  3. That’s an interesting article, and it posed an idea that I’d never thought of before. It mentioned the old adage “you are what you eat”. Foodography on blogs kind of gives viewers a glimpse into who the real person is behind the blog when the bloggers words fail to do so. If that makes any sense…

    I’m certainly guilty of snapping photos before I eat. I snap photos of food that I make because I’m proud that I managed to cook myself a meal even if it doesn’t look all that appealing. ALSO! It’s a way to prove to my mom that yes, I do cook for myself when she’s not there to cook for me πŸ˜€
    I also travel a lot. Well, as much as my college-impacted bank account can handle, at least. And food says so much about a culture. It’s something I don’t want to forget whether I’m visiting Spain or just different regions in the US!

    • the last time I was in italy and spain, was long before i really got into food and photography… i WISH i’d had the forethought to take photos of my food. (i may have some shots of my sister drinking beer, but no tortilla espanola). i was forced to take mental pictures instead. somehow, those photos haven’t held up as well as a good color photo would have.
      as for an insight into the food blogger…let’s see what you guys have learned about me?
      a) i eat like a 7 year old
      b) i love me some dessert.

  4. i take my camera to restaurants, and apologize in advance to the people i’m with that i will be all up in their food when it comes out πŸ™‚

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