white trash wednesday: S’meeps

I know you’ve got leftover Peeps going stale in your kitchen, right? And you feel guilty about throwing them out. After all, you only get to enjoy Peeps at Easter. It would be wrong to get rid of them.

Well kids, I have a solution for you. And it’s called S’meeps.
That’s right. Why toss your Easter candy when you can turn it into a white trash version of S’mores?

All you need to do is raid your kid’s Easter basket.
Grab a Peep and a mini chocolate bunny…or for the sake of the photos below, a chocolate chick.
One full graham cracker, split in half.
Place a Peep on one half.
Chocolate on the other.

smeeps before
Bake at 350 degrees until the chocolate creature has melted.

smeeps 2
Press the graham crackers together.
smeeps 3
Until the peep has been fully smushed.
And enjoy.

*I wish I could take credit for this little nugget of creativity, but the credit goes fully to my sister, “sister”.



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8 responses to “white trash wednesday: S’meeps

  1. LMBO!! You couldn’t have picked a better chocolate chick. It looks like she’s begging not to be thrown in the oven.

    Excellent WTW recipe!

  2. rhooby

    i prefer my peeps au naturel, but this looks like a great recipe!!!

  3. You baked them? Shoo, I throw my smores in the microwave. Yes, I’ll admit to making microsmores. They’re a fantastic treat after lousy dinner.

  4. who actually has left over peeps? I wonder how this would be with a cadbury egg for the chocolate part…yummm…Easter candy is my favorite holiday candy!

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