The 5 things I can’t live without – Part 3

Continuing with my top 5 kitchen must haves :

Coming in at #3 on the list is…

A cheap bottle of red wine!


To quote reader Frank’s cookbook giveaway answer: “I would say that I can’t live without a big bottle of cheap red wine because it makes my cooking much more enjoyable and possibly more appetizing…”.

Thank you Frank.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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3 responses to “The 5 things I can’t live without – Part 3

  1. Frank

    Thanks for the shoutout, Katie! My favorite bottle of cheap red is the Five Oaks Cabernet from my local CVS. You can get three bottles for $9.99 and is usually pretty tasty. It tastes like a $10 bottle of wine. Everyone is my neighborhood in Mobile swears by this. I assume you can get it in Atlanta as well.

    • My pleasure! And it’s entirely true. I have seen it around and have wondered if it was any good. Sounds like it’s basically along the lines of a 2 buck chuck. If so, sign me up!

  2. Wow – I will be going to CVS a little more often now. P.S. My number 3 item is my disposable latex gloves (to be used when handling hot peppers) I have unfortunately experienced chopping several jalapenos and having my hands burn for days. Not fun.

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