In the beginning…

Did I ever tell you about the time I attempted to make Bakerella’s cupcake bites? Come to think of it, I don’t think I have.

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to step into my kitchen that day with such grandiose plans.  Trust me, that’s not like me at all. Apparently, I’d been bitten by the baking bug. 


In all fairness, I had been reading the Pioneer Woman for a while and had just recently fallen under the spell of Bakerella herself. 

That’s the only excuse I can come up with. Why else would such an amateur anything want to take on Bakerella’s recipes?

Honestly, to this day I still have no idea.

But I did. And for my first foray into baking, I succeeded.
I did.
And it was intoxicating.
It really was too bad that it took me 4 hours, a whole heckuva lot of standing, and an unfortunate timing of Lent for it all to happen.

This event may have been one of the factors behind creating this little blog. (Either that or the fact that I needed a hobby.) And although I have no future plans of recreating the Bakerella wheel anytime soon, the idea of trying something new (and a little daunting) continues to drive me back into the kitchen every single day…(even if i I do run the risk of failing).

If you too are willing to give something a try, Bakerella has a new cookbook coming out soon called Cake Pops. Why not step out of your comfort zone? You’ll be surprised at how well you do.


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6 responses to “In the beginning…

  1. Oooo you know I love me some Bakerella!!! In fact, I made Bakerella cupcakes and oreo pops for Easter yesterday. Will get a post up on my blog soon. Or next month. Whichever works out. πŸ™‚

  2. LOL you are way too kind. I love it!

    I don’t know about my skills….but where I may be lacking those, I do try to make up in enthusiasm!

    My cupcakes turned out kind of dry. But I don’t care – they were PRECIOUS. OK, I’ll start posting.



  3. Well that, and after a few glasses even the most burnt part tastes awesome!!

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