The Friday Apron Fix

I haven’t always been obsessed with aprons, I swear. The obsession only started a few months ago when I walked through Anthropologie and discovered some of the most adorable aprons I’d ever seen.

And only recently, I discovered the beautiful creations of IceMilk Aprons.

And this one…well, she’s my favorite…

It’s called “Rollings of Cinnamon” and it’s just one from “a gourmet line of heirloom aprons”. 

Aside from the fact that these aprons are incredibly beautiful, they are meant to create family traditions.  I don’t know about you, but I adore the sentiment that comes with the heirloom kit…that they “exist to preserve the heritage of your family, taking you from apron to heirloom”.

I’m sorry, but it really doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

If you love these half as much as I do, click over and read the sweet story of the IceMilk Aprons inspiration. 


Now go forth and fall in love.



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5 responses to “The Friday Apron Fix

  1. Very pretty. But I’d be mad if I got food on it. Which will happen.

  2. I agree. Aprons are fantastic, and I definitely recommend taking a look at TheVillageGiraffe on Etsy. I bought this apron from her two years ago and am still in love with it.

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