White Trash Wednesday! The making of microwave brownies

Well, I did it. For this White Trash Wednesday, I actually walked into my kitchen and made one of the recipes.

I made Microwave Brownies.

I know what you’re thinking….brownies? in a microwave? That’s blasphemy!
microwave brownies

If it makes you feel any better, I’d never heard of such a thing either.

But, for the sake of the blog, I had to give it a whirl.


So, I did. And after prepping the goods for about 10 minutes and nuking for a total of 5, I had piping hot “brownies”.


In conclusion:
The brownies were in fact very, very tasty. Unfortunately, making brownies in a microwave was tantamount to making them in an Easy Bake Oven except it didn’t take 3 hours to bake.

And although they were tasty, the consistency was closer to that of a cake than a brownie. Sure didn’t stop me from housing about 5 that afternoon. Unfortunately, these little guys went stale pretty quickly. Guess that’s what happens when you “bake” in a microwave.


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9 responses to “White Trash Wednesday! The making of microwave brownies

  1. Mary T.

    But anything chocolate is goooood 🙂

  2. A little kitchen chemistry, huh? Glad you made some white trashness – it makes me happy. 🙂

  3. Frank Trice

    I would rather bake with a 150 watt flood light ; -)

  4. rhooby

    loooove the e-z bake oven analogy!!!!! hahahahaha

  5. I am just not sure I could do that… I would just think about all the microwaved pizza crusts I have had to chew through 🙂

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