White Trash Wednesday: the adult beverage edition

This one has a double moniker:
The NASCARita or the White Trash Margarita.

Not only is it brilliant, I have no doubt this drink can do some serious damage.

You’ll need:
One part Tequila
Two parts Mountain Dew
One red Solo cup.

If you’d like it frozen, per scots.com “hit the 7-11 and get plain slurpee ice first, then mix equal parts slurpee, Dew & tequila”.

I don’t know about you guys, but this may make another appearance during football season.  I think it would compliment the dorito salad nicely.



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12 responses to “White Trash Wednesday: the adult beverage edition

  1. gitanorumano

    This goes with my stepmothers “Iced Tea Slush”
    7 cups water
    1 large can Orange Juice
    1 large can Lemonade
    2 Cups strong tea (4/5 tea bags)
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    1 cup bourbon
    1 cup rum
    7 up
    Mix ingredients together, freeze. Serve 1/2 glass slush to 1/2 glass of 7 up.

  2. Mary T.

    We drink this ‘slush’ at the beach all the time when we are with our friends. Yummy!!!

  3. gitanorumano

    Knew you would love it. Anything with Bourbon in it can’t be bad. Of course here in the South it must be bourbon and, not whiskey. This is one of things that having an automatic ice cream maker would be of tremendous assistance.

  4. gitanorumano

    Which reminds me to ask if you have heard of another one that was making the rounds about the same time as this. All I recall was it was various fruits, and liquor added at various times. I think it was begun in January, and then once a month you added more fruit, and liquor. up until Thanksgiving.

  5. Frank

    I like John Daley’s which is an Arnold Palmer ( sweet tea and lemonade) and then you add some vodka of you choice.

    They now make sweet tea flavored vodka that makes the whole process even easier.

    • oh yeah, firefly vodka. it’s incredible…and incredibly dangerous.
      are we talking daly as in the golfer? have you watched his new show on the golf channel? two words: train wreck.

  6. rhooby

    i feel a buzz comin on……

  7. Bourbon slush is awesome – don’t knock it til you try it.
    Wine slush is as equally awesome.
    But this dewdka… it sounds like an ulcer waiting to happen. My stomach is churning just reading this.

  8. gitanorumano

    Nothing like a good white wine, lemonade, and a shot of seltzer. Throw it a blender. Absolute paradise.

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