white trash wedenesday: hamburger salad sandwiches

Hamburger Salad Sandwiches


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 jar of mayonnaise
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 loaf of white bread
  • optional: shredded cheese of your liking and / or bacon bits

To make:

Brown ground beef, drain and let cool.

Mix mayonnaise in with ground beef, salt, and pepper and mix to consistency of egg salad. Chill and let set.

Add additional, optional ingredients to make bacon cheeseburger salad sandwiches.

Spread liberally on white bread.

Recipe courtesy of yumfood.org

What’s weird is that I’m not sure if I find this interesting or just completely sickening.




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24 responses to “white trash wedenesday: hamburger salad sandwiches

  1. Um, no.

    Run away from the madness, Katie! RUN!

  2. My first thought was “why is there an ‘or’ next to bacon?” but then I reread it and now I’m a little grossed out. If you make this, please take pictures. And include bacon.

  3. That sounds absolutely disgusting. :-O< (Yes, that's a smiley vomiting.)

  4. okay, so i guess i should be leaning towards totally disgusting.
    boo- i may just have to make it. i mean, i might get sick, but it’s all for the sake of blogging, right?


  5. rhooby

    i really believe this is the worst white trash recipe you’ve published. therefore, that makes it the winner!

  6. Sounds very white trashy 🙂 Love it!

  7. well it do sound really trashy…. easy to get through

  8. gitanorumano

    That goes with the ever present deviled Ham. Home made style. William

    • I think I actually had a white trash recipe on here for deviled ham sandwiches. growing up in alabama, apparently, deviled ham was actually a normal choice for a sandwich spread. and i fully admit that i ate it. regularly.
      now the idea of it makes me sick to my stomach.

  9. gitanorumano

    Reminds me of this recipe for deviled Ham. Growing up in the south it is everywhere present.

  10. I am grossed out by the 1 JAR of mayo. ew…

    • you know, it took me about 2x of reading the recipe before i realized it had a full jar of mayo. i mean, i like fat grams just as much as the next girl, but a jar’s worth might be a bit of excessive.

      • I don’t do mayo. on anything. I think I ate too much mayo and bologna as a kid. the average american eats a pound of it a year. NOT this american!

  11. Did she just say a pound a year? That’s disgusting!
    I’m right there with you, Melissa. I’m a no-mayo kind of gal too. But I have no problem with sour cream. I could definitely eat a pound of sour cream in a year. Maybe even two.

    • I used to have issues with “white” food (not including ice cream and cool whip of course!) Sour cream and cream cheese were on that list for a very very long time. Now I love it… could eat my weight in it. Still… can’t do mayo. gag.

    • a pound? what? wow. now i’m with you guys, a pound of ice cream, sour cream, cream cheese, I’m game. How about queso dip? That’s almost a white food? Who’s with me?

      • Queso? I consumed a pound just last month!

      • I consumed a pound tonight.

      • oh… i could do a pound of queso a day. easy! i want some right now! Did you know you can actually buy the white queso cheese (with or without jalapenos) in the refridgerated section at Walmart (and Sam’s). (Same section as cream cheese and cheese dip in a container). You add milk and melt in the microwave. Just like you would with velveeta cheese dip. it’s oh so yummy.

      • I’ve seen it, but have never been brave enough to try it out. I know that I cannot do the justice that those Mexican restaurants do. Then again, I had no idea you would add milk to it. Well now I have to try it.


      • it’s not as good as the restaurant kind, but its close.
        don’t use quite as much milk as the package says. it makes it too runny.

      • i think you’ve just given me a blog post. 🙂

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