Do you ever get the feeling….

That you’re the last remaining technologically challenged person on the planet?

Welcome to my world.

I finally purchased Photoshop Elements yesterday. No, not the big Photoshop. You need a PhD to comprehend that program. Well, a PhD and a big wad of cash. I have neither. So Elements it is. Okay, so I got home and started the photo editing process. I got to about the 2nd step and had it. So not only am I an idiot, I have no patience. Not a good combo when you’re learning something new. Let’s just put it this way, I’d be better off learning Latin. Dead language or not, it makes a helluva lot more sense.

And has more real world functionality.

I’m just sayin’. (Okay so maybe my dad taught Latin for 15 years. Whatever, I’d have a better chance at conjugating a dead verb than I would at “dodging” a photo.)

Fingers crossed I don’t launch my computer across the room. Oh, did I mention I have a temper too? Good thing Ashley is out of the house for the night and I can have my mini-meltdown in private.

Should be exciting.



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10 responses to “Do you ever get the feeling….

  1. rhooby

    try working on it tomorrow. many times the very thing i thought was impossibly difficult turns into something quite simple the next day.

  2. I have faith that you will be an Elements pro in 2 months. OK, maybe “pro” is pushing it but you’ll know what you’re doing and be all “I’m king of the Element!!”

  3. You are too funny!! You know PW has lots of step-by-step instructions on her site for doing things with PS, and she also includes directions for Elements. Her instructions are VERY detailed, but I do better actually seeing things being done. SO:

    Check out Youtube!! That’s the main way I learned how to use PS. There are a million different tutorials on there, and they SHOW you each step of the way. It was great for me. YOU CAN DOOO EEET!!

  4. All the above are good suggestions. If I might add just one more thing, clear a weekend (if that’s possible) and pretty much lock yourself away from the world. Have all your books/notes/URLs available and dive in. This works best on a cold rainy weekend. Would not have worked very well last weekend in Atlanta. And, backup all your originals so if anything goes wrong, you’re only working on copies.
    Good luck, it’ll be worth it.

  5. dr b

    or you can buy a supplemental manual… it’s $25 but far cheaper than replacing the computer you just tossed across the room. 🙂

    this one:

    looks far better than the “dummies” version:

    btw… love my new canon.

  6. gitanorumano
    Since Wednesday is coming up, I had to send this one to you. William

  7. And this is why I love you guys!
    Thank you all for these amazing suggestions. I’ll be locking myself up in a room this weekend, watching youtube tutorials, reading the books, and becoming the KING OF THE ELEMENTS!


  8. I *HAD* to get a friend help me with Elements. It just wasn’t going to happen with books or videos. That made it a little easier.

    BTW – Love your blog! Just discovered it…

    • you are so sweet! thank you! I just discovered yours too. Love it. another alabamian!
      and i’m with you…as far as elements is concerned, I need all of the help I can get!

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