A New Adventure


Yesterday I was given the opportunity to photograph another house for the online component of the MLS listing. It was a bust. No really, it was awful. If it wasn’t the shutter speed, it was the lighting. And as easy as it was to photograph my own home, going into someone else’s was not. When I had the chance to go through each and every shot, I was devastated. I sucked. And the photos sucked.

So I asked the owners if I could redo the shots. Luckily, they obliged.

So the do-over shots still aren’t perfect, but they’re better than the first effort.

master bath

master bath

Our real estate agent (yes, we have the same one) really hooked me up here. Not sure if this will ever amount to much, but these little adventures are proving to be quite the training sessions. Let’s see if all of this learning will actually sink in.

And if anyone is interested in buying a lovely townhome a few hundred feet from mine, here’s the link.
And no, right now, those aren’t my pictures on the website…Stay tuned.

Oh and if you didn’t notice, this bathroom is a-mazing.
Thanks to Jake and Holly for being so kind as to let me into their home, take photos of it, and then post them here.
They are incredibly lovely people.



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3 responses to “A New Adventure

  1. a bright exterior shot, nice.
    cool interior

  2. I think you did great. And when you do favors like this, I don’t think people have the right to be disappointed. But really, those turned out very very good. Cyber high-five!

  3. thank you brooke!! i can’t even begin to tell you how much i agonized over these photos. ps. the compliments mean a lot coming from you. 🙂

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