moving on up…

taqueria del sol

To the ‘burbs that is.  Unofficially of course.  Even though we haven’t bought a house yet, the move is imminent.  And it’s gotten me thinking.   A lot.  Not about a new life in a much bigger house or the extended commute. No, I’m thinking about the local restaurants we’re going to lose.  And one hurts me more than all the others. 

Taqueria Del Sol

And although I’ve always taken great issue with the fact that people travel a little too far and wide to stand in line for 45 minutes for soft tacos, my annoyance for said line is disappating quickly with the knowledge that this little taqueria won’t be a 2 minute drive from my house.

Neither will this margarita
margarita at taqueria

Nor this queso dip

And this view from the restaurant…
atlanta at night
Oh lord I’m going to miss you.

So while I’m counting down the days until we move out of our first home together, I’ll be counting how many times I can make it to Taqueria before we move up to suburbia.

I’m thinking three times a week over the next 4 weeks should do the trick.



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7 responses to “moving on up…

  1. My oh my, that margarita looks good. And it’s only 8:30 in the morning!
    We moved from suburbia to south/central Austin and we are loving the local restaurants. But I would be willing to exchange that for more living space some day!

  2. rhooby

    oh at least three times. maybe you should go every night so you’ll make yourself sick of it and won’t miss it so much.

  3. Mark

    Make sure to try the shrimp corn chowder next time you go. It’s so good!

  4. Hey! There’s a Taqueria del Sol in Houston too, well, Pasadena–same difference. I’ve not been, but the hubby LOBESIT!

  5. Mmmmmmm! Memphis tacos!

  6. rhoob- every night might definitely be overkill, but it might just do the trick.

    deanna- my husband has cravings for their memphis tacos. i’m a fried chicken and brisket girl myself.

    mark- i’ve heard fabulous things about it, but never actually tried it. think i’ll have to soon.

    karen anne- how about we make a trade? suburban atlanta for austin? šŸ™‚

    anamaris- if it’s the same – GO IMMEDIATELY!

  7. aww, too bad. Maybe you can start a petition to get Taqueria Del Sol to open a suburban location. They’re doing so well, about time for some expansion.
    Even if that doesn’t work, there is life in the ‘burbs. You might be close to one of the 5 Season’s Brewing. They have one in Alpharetta and another in Sandy Springs. And plenty of other places. The good food & drink follows the money.

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