those were the days

It’s no secret that I work in a cubicle. I’ve mentioned it here. And here. And here. And apparently, I’ve mentioned it about 22 other times as well.  I’m thinking I obsess over it a little too much. Then again, that’s kind of what I do. 

Yesterday it hit me that I REALLY miss my office, but not for the obvious reasons. Not for the four full walls, the door, or the windows.  I miss it for the privacy.  Because now I can’t use my ruler as my microphone. Because now I have to sing under my breath.  And kids, that sucks.

Because when I’m lucky enough to have songs like this come on the radio

I have to hum to myself…or at best, whistle. Trust me kids, that just ain’t the same.

My only saving grace is that my cubemates love this song…

and when it comes on, we have a full on concert.

I mean it will never be the same as when co-worker Bob and I had our own semi-rock concerts in our old offices.

He’d play the drums (fake of course) and we’d sing some great tune like the theme song to the Facts of Life or maybe a good Brandi Carlile number.

But no..I live in cubeworld now. Where singing into my ruler is frowned upon. And singing at an audible level is grounds for total ridicule.

Thank God for my car.



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7 responses to “those were the days

  1. Lindsey

    I enjoy the diversity….Facts of Life theme OR Brandi Carlile. I can’t remember how many times Bob sang the Price is Right theme to me. Although I don’t know if “sang” was the right word. 🙂 Good times…

    • Jen Bond

      From one cube person to another…I feel ya! Apparently slamming your phone down, sneezing loudly, smacking your gum and the use of foul language our also prohibited. Hey, but rules are meant to be broken, right? RIGHT!?

  2. Shit – not having walls does not keep me from jamming to any of the following between the hours of 8a and 6p: Bon Jovi, Journey, GNR, SaltNPepa, ICP, theme songs from Grease, Mariah Carey Christmas music, Beastie Boys, Jonny Lang, and well, just about anything. Except NWA. I’d hate to lose my job over their rights for freedom of speech. But eff the police will forever be a top 10.

  3. I loooove that picture of Bob. GREAT SHOT!

  4. It takes all I have sometimes to keep from busting out to something on my MP3 player on the MARTA train!

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