be vewy, vewy quiet

Whatever you do…do not disturb the Rustice.






the rustice

Oops, my bad.
Too late.
You’re on your own kids.
It was nice knowing you.



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5 responses to “be vewy, vewy quiet

  1. rhooby

    no mercy in rustice world….

  2. You are right: same photos. Only your doggin is hairier, has floppy ears and is male. But he’s a big sweetie!

  3. blaynebeacham

    Such a sweet series!

  4. Funny! This is neat. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and good luck in the blogging world. One thing I like about this new blog of mine is that I can take a day off without the traffic dropping too much. But two days seems to be the limit. Good luck in the blogosphere and with that puppy!

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