another dinner with friends

I’ve been very fortunate to meet and become friends with Elisabeth, the proprietor of The Hand that Rocks the Ladle. To me she is a true foodie. I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but I’ve never met anyone who loves discovering recipes and testing them out (no matter the ingredients) as much as she does.

Last night she made sweet potato and andouille soup, sauteed chicken breast with artichokes and peppers, and risotto.
Not a bad night.

And because this is me, I took too many pictures. Because food like this needs to be photographed.
And eaten.

andouille sausage

roasted red pepper

the cheese

sweet potato soup w/ andouille sausage



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8 responses to “another dinner with friends

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pics. You are doing glorious things with that lens of yours.

  2. The soup look amazing! Whatever the recipe is, it’s a keeper for sure.

  3. That soup looks so yummy. I’ll eat almost anything with pork in it. nom.

  4. dish diva- you are too sweet. thank you for making such amazing food and allowing me to photograph it.

    shannon- stay tuned, I’ll be posting these recipes shortly. and thank you for stopping by!

    boo- seriously, that andouille sausage was a little piece of heaven. i’m craving the stuff right now.

  5. Nice pictures, lady! Did you add a texture to them afterward?

  6. thanks becki d! i actually didn’t. i use flickr’s picknik for my post processing (I’m too cheap to get photoshop and I don’t really understand it completely). Anyway, I “autofixed” the photos and then played with the exposure a little, but for a change, that was about all I did.

    • Well, good job!!!

      I love Picnik. Sooo easy. So fast. So much less complicated than Photoshop! PS is great, but I’m so burnt out on PS tutorials right now, I may never learn another thing about it. 🙂

      Oh, and I’m definitely too cheap to pay for it, too. We already had it for hubby’s work. Yay!

  7. this soup looks incredible –i love spicy sausage paired with sweets, i’ve never had it in a soup though, just tacos. you should look into the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission’s recipe contest -grand prize is $2k.

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