if i were an artist


libby 43/365

You better believe there would be a comic book called The Superhero Adventures of Liberty and Justice.



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5 responses to “if i were an artist

  1. rhooby

    those lazy slugs! i wish i had their lives….

  2. Who says you have to be an artist!? I draw pictures of my friend Kelly quite often. And she is a super hero. I call her Super Kelly and she catches bad guys with her long hair and wields a golden hairbrush that shoots bristles.
    I am totally serious about this. I should add it to flickr.

  3. These brought forth a very loud “awwwwww!”.

  4. I love border collies, there’s something about that black and white long hair that makes them so undeniably cute!

    Thanks for sharing, these pics made me smile!

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