the house hunt

So we finally took to the streets to go in search of our next home. Let me just make this brief. It was a bust.
One home was actually worth a second look, but out of the 10 we saw, that was the only one.

You can imagine how depressing the day was especially when you’ve got such high hopes. Don’t get me wrong. We know we’re not going to be looking at homes that are in perfect condition. We get it. These are older homes that need some fixin’ up. But come on, cut us some slack here. We don’t want to have to do a total renovation. It’s not exactly in the budget.

But there was quite a find in one of our searches.

These little beauties…






And while, I’m not exactly sure I can remember every detail of that house, I can surely remember the incredible detail on these classic cars. Not a mark on them. And absolutely beautiful. So maybe the house hunt was a bust, but the day wasn’t.

After all, it isn’t everyday I get to see a Hudson Commodore or a Nash Metropolitan.



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3 responses to “the house hunt

  1. so do you get the cars with the house? have you heard of that urban legend about the guy that buys some dellapidated property only to find a bunch of vintage cars in an attached barn? It’s partly true, at least that’s what Snopes tells me.

    • katie o.

      i love it. and the house sat too close to powerlines for me to even want the cars. but maybe in the next houses we check out we’ll find some other good treasures. 🙂

  2. rhooby

    i finally get to see them!! they’re beeyouteeful!! thanks for the photos!

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