sunny weather and cupcakes

Even though yesterday was 60 degrees and glorious, I chose to watch Signs . Because who doesn’t love a good old fashioned aliens attack the world by way of crop circles and poisonous gas kind of movie? And Joaquin Phoenix?

So I did manage to get outside for a bit and take Libby and Justice for a walk. But really, I spent the vast majority of the day holed up inside.

Sometimes it just needs to happen.


Kind of like making these cupcakes.
Cupcakes with sprinkles.

Yeap, I love spring weather.



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3 responses to “sunny weather and cupcakes

  1. Oh, Yum! When are you making me some of your fantastic cupcakes?!?

  2. katie o.

    i have a secret…they’re not homemade. EEK!
    But I’ll still make you some!

  3. those look super yummy. cupcakes are my favorite!!

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