a sweet gift

I love cookbooks. Currently, I have a collection of about 12 in my kitchen. Pretty nuts considering I’ve got another 10 or so packed away in boxes in some storage container. (Home on the market, can’t have too many books around the house.)

But what I really love are cookbooks that use minimal ingredients. They’re concise and more importantly, they tend to be easy. I like easy. So you can imagine how freaking ecstatic I was to open a Christmas (long story) gift from my sweet friend Elaine and find that it was a cookbook!!!


And I can’t get over how fantastic the name is…
“Life After Ramen”


And in typical Elaine fashion, she went over the top and had the authors autograph the cookbook.
That, my friends, is impressive.

Thank you Elaine for the most perfect gift.
I cannot wait to use the hell out of this cookbook.



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4 responses to “a sweet gift

  1. Dick Slattery

    OMG!!!! I am continually amazed by your creativity! IMHO, it’s fantastic. Keep up the good work.
    Your very proud poppa

  2. rhooby

    and you’re a good cook!

  3. katie o.

    thank you guys!! love you both!

  4. Oooh, I love me a good cookbook too! Lemme know what you make that comes out well!

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