crumb{a bakery} part two

Thanks to Sabrina at crumb{a bakery} for a nice evening of conversation and coffee. And for being such a sweetheart and sharing her fabulous french macarons with me.

my macarons

my macarons

Sorry guys, these are mine. You’ll have to get your own.



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6 responses to “crumb{a bakery} part two

  1. just love it. what a wonderful world you have introduced me too 🙂

  2. Tell me, what IS the big deal with macarons? I can’t seem to browse through a blog without bumping into various versions of ’em.

    • katie o.

      I know! They are everywhere. Not sure how they popped up onto everyone’s radar so fast, but they’re the cuteste little things, taste amazing, and they’re incredibly fancy.
      you’ve got to try one.

  3. rhooby

    oh i wish i could be there!!! you should visit she paints macarons!! yum!

  4. Those. Are. Beautiful. (and i’m not even a sweets person)

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