west egg cafe


Thanks to this nation’s fabulous 44 Presidents, I had a day off. And I took full advantage of it. I grabbed my friend Natalie
and we ate…
and ate…
and ate..
And if eating was an Olympic sport, I think I would have taken home the gold.

But luckily, it’s not.
west egg



And not sure if you’ve noticed, but I officially drag my camera everywhere.
I think people are starting to get annoyed.

But I don’t care. Because faces like this need to be photographed.
a lovely latte
While coffee like this needs to be sipped.

west egg cafe
And food like this needs to be taken down.

So thank you West Egg for a great afternoon of food, friends, photo ops and darn good conversation.

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11 responses to “west egg cafe

  1. I’ve never heard of this place, but I love the Gatsby reference. And I really love the sounds of coca-cola cupcakes. Only in Atlanta.

  2. Great images, only wish I took my camera with me more often, can smell that coffee from here…

  3. oops i was logged in as elisabeth..hehe

  4. rhooby

    natalie looks so cute! and the food looks so good! yes, take your camera everywhere!

  5. Nat

    What a fabulous day!! I had the most fun hanging out! What could be better – a great friend and great food, my 2 favorite things. :-)

    PS – I love you a lot that I am not mad at the 2 photos you posted – oy!

    PPS – Like the comment? :-)

    • katie o.

      Love the comment! Tell all your friends to join in the fun! And you totally knew I was going to put your face all over this thing. Don’t pretend like you’re upset. ♥

  6. Yum! I’ve always wanted to make art like that on a latte – beautiful. Will have to find that place next time I’m in town.

  7. Looks like and sounds like a great day . And that first shot of the coffee is just superb!

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