a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It never ceases to amaze me how I can multi-task at the level in which I do. For instance, right now I’m sitting at my desk (scratch that) cubicle waiting on one last piece of business to come in so I can cross it off my to do list (and go home). In the meantime, I’m also writing this little blurb, making my grocery list, AND coming up with a menu for what’s left of this week.

Man I’m tired.

And not in one of those I stayed up too late kind of ways. I’m tired in one of those I have mononucleosis (but I don’t) kind of ways. Exhausted tired. I get plenty of rest. Trust me. A mack truck could drive into my bedroom at midnight and I’d never be the wiser. I’m just drained from work. I guess that’s a good thing. Means I’m accomplishing stuff, right?

Yeah, I hope so.
Otherwise, all this multi-tasking madness is making me look mighty rough for no good reason.


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