reality bites

Yesterday we had another showing. Not bad for a house that’s only been on the market a little over a week right? Especially in this crappy housing market. I mean, don’t worry, they’re only showings, I get it. No one’s offering to buy this place yet.


So since people were coming to look at the house, we had to leave it. Figured we would check out the potential ‘hoods out in the ‘burbs. And it was fun and new and exciting.

And did you know the ‘burbs have a Fresh Market? And Starbucks’sssss? And Banana Republic? and JCrew?? And I could keep going??
It’s as if you never have to leave the burbs again. Everything’s right there for you.

And the houses are nice. The neighborhoods are quiet, tree-lined streets. The houses have lovely yards. And the houses aren’t on top of each other.

The problem in this whole quest is that I’ve realized…we’re not rich. And we won’t be buying a beautiful colonial estate. I’m starting to think that my route to work has really warped my sense of housing reality. Unfortunately, this route is flanked by houses that look like this…

and this

and this

Not exactly what we’re in the market for.

Should be an interesting house hunt.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play the lottery.



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10 responses to “reality bites

  1. rhooby

    your dream house is out there….

  2. When you see big beautiful homes like this, just think of how much the heating and cooling bill costs.
    Good luck!! House hunting is fun! Moving is not! But it’s worth it!

    • katie o.

      You are always so positive! I love it! And you’re absolutely right about the heating and cooling bills. No doubt, astronomical.

  3. The last picture is one of my favorite houses in atlanta! Good luck with the sale of your home.

  4. Christy

    Oh man, that middle house, the green one—I’m in love. And you know my sense of housing reality is warped, too. But it’s fun to pretend 🙂

  5. Most of those people do not even consider these homes to be their primary residences which makes me want to buy lottery tickets too.

  6. I love the second one. Le sigh…

  7. katie o.

    Seriously Joyce. I’m going to buy tickets for Mega Millions and Powerball.
    And Elisabeth, I love that second one too. What’s even more sad, it sits on about an acre plus of land…oh to dream.

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