This is my dad (left) with his sister and brother.  I’m not exactly sure of the timing of this photo, but I know they were young and seemingly happy. 

I came across this photo today on Facebook.  My cousin Peter, who is serving in Iraq, posted this photo on my dad’s wall.  And in that split second I saw the picture, I had a moment of “awe”.  I’ve never seen this photo before.  And it seems there are so few photos of my dad and his siblings as young ones, that I forget what they looked like.  And looking at this one I realize, I look exactly like my aunt Mary Elizabeth.  Forever, everyone has said I was the spitting image of my mom.  It never dawned on me that there was such a striking resemblance to my father’s sister. And I think it would make my dad happy.  It makes me happy.

I couldn’t tell you where they were in this photo or what they’re plans were for that day.  But what I do know is that they look like they are posing for the Kennedy family portrait.

As for striking resemblances, I’m pretty sure my uncle Peter and Teddy Kennedy were separated at birth.



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8 responses to “family

  1. Yep. You definitely look like her. Amazing how we are pieced together from all sides of our families.

  2. Dick Slattery

    Sometime between 1964-67. Can’t remember exactly when. The photo was taken in our “ancestral” home’s back yard with our neighbor’s house in the background.I don’t think that “happy” best describes us. It appears to have been a forced photo op.

  3. rhooby

    i told you mike freaked when he saw this photo!!!!!

  4. rhooby

    i can’t stop clicking on this and looking at this photo!!!!!

    • katie o.

      you’re hysterical rhoob. i’ll see if i can get pops to scan in some other photos and blog about them. don’t you just love good, old family photos?

  5. rhooby

    yes, i admit i love love love looking at old photos. anyone’s old photos, but especially anyone in our family and that means YOU!

  6. When I first saw the photo and before reading the post I did think it was you in the shot! I love looking at old family photos and it is amazing to see how looks and likeness get carried down the family.

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