the making of a wtw meal

It has been brought to my attention {ahem shutterboo} that I have never actually made one of the White Trash recipes I’ve posted. So I decided that it’s time to stop talking about ’em and start making ’em.

Last night I made Swiss Cheese Chicken.

And it was never my belief that this dinner qualified as true White Trash as it was probably something I would have eaten anyway. Or maybe, I’m just totally white trash and I never really knew it.

Either way, it was good. And easy. And I like good and easy.
wtw dinner swiss chicken

So if you’re in the mood to feel all white trashy, then I say go for it. Make this meal.



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6 responses to “the making of a wtw meal

  1. You asked a question. I gave you an answer. Albiet – a long winded answer but you got dinner out of it!
    That sounds more like a Kraft dinner than a WTW dinner but yummy all the same.

  2. rhooby

    is this the dish from california?

  3. That actually looks so good!!!

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