week22: eyes

We’re pretty darn close to hitting the half-way mark of the 52 week photo challenge. I’m not sure my skills have improved much over these last 22 weeks, but I know I’m having a blast.

This week’s subject was eyes.
Here’s how it went:

{sister holding a toy sword in front of her face. by the way, this is totally normal for her.}

eyes pt 2
{my friend amy looking in the mirror. after touching it up with a little color modification, i thought this was a really great shot. should i mention this photo was taken in our bathroom at our office?}

shoney's big boy
{the shoney’s big boy. I actually really love this shot because the eyes are insanely creepy. oh, did i ever happen to mention that my father in law was in fact the shoney’s big boy? no. really. he was. in commercials on tv.}

week22: eyes / 12/365
{and finally, the winner. i needed a shot that stepped up my creativity. this shot did it for me.}

Next week’s challenge is “lingerie”.




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2 responses to “week22: eyes

  1. I like’em. Especially the second one. I dig the washed out color effect and the slight vignetting around the edges.

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