Home Improvement

And I don’t mean in the Tim Allen, silly TV show kind of way.

chaotic home

Nope, this weekend my dear sweet in-laws flew down to Atlanta to help us paint our entire house.

Good thing we only live in a 1300 square foot townhouse and not some 6500 sq foot mcmansion. (Then again, if we lived in a mcmansion, we’d probably be able to afford painters…)

chaotic home
Instead we just hire my husband’s parents. (And by hire I mean hire for free.) They seem to fill the roles of day-laborers very, very well.
A little too well if you ask me.



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5 responses to “Home Improvement

  1. Having family help makes everything better. You have extra pairs of hands. You have someone to keep you company and make it more entertaining. And you have someone to complain to because their fingers hate them just as bad as yours do.
    Hope it went well! Can’t wait to see the “after” pictures!

  2. they sound amazing! i really need to paint a bedroom… no relatives willing to help out on that one though!

  3. working with family is the best moment all of time..:D

  4. Super parents and I hope you get them to come and paint your new house.

  5. i like your topic, i will visit this site more often,


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