And I’m not talking about chicken either. Sadly, I’m talking about my brain. This week has been the longest of the long and at this point, I’m hoping to make it through today unscathed.

Putting your house on the market is a nightmare. I repeat – nightmare.
You should see my house right this moment. It looks like a war zone. This is what happens when your husband gets a hold of the sander and takes to the spackle…the spackle that he’s put all over the nicked up walls. My downstairs kind of resembles that scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen is handed a little cocaine, but instead of following protocol, he sneezes the powdery stuff all over the place. Well, imagine that multiplied by about 5000. Except instead of the illegal white substance, we’re dealing with sanded spackle. That’s what my downstairs looks like.

And even though I feel sorry for myself, I feel worse for my husband’s parents. They’re flying in today to help us paint the entire house. From top to bottom. I need today off just to clean the dust before they get here. Sometimes work just gets in the way.
{If you are a fellow employee…I love my job. I repeat, I love my job. That statement was only used for creative effect and in no way meant to be taken to heart.}

What was I saying? Oh yeah, my house is gross.
I think I need an entire cleaning crew just to swab down the first floor to even attempt to get all the dust out of the house.

Wish me luck kids. This is shaping up to be an even longer weekend.



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2 responses to “Fried

  1. rhooby

    now you know we’re coming to work. we don’t expect a normal looking house! so don’t beat yourself to death cleaning – it’s just going to get wrecked again. and we’ll have to clean the walls anyway to paint them.

  2. Good Luck, Katie. Cleaning up the sanding is not fun. We sanded all the walls in the kitchen just last month – but the hubs was smart and we hung plastic on everything so we wouldn’t have to vacuum every nook and cranny.
    Just tell yourself “This will make my house sell faster!!”

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