Relief Efforts

Normally I write about the mundane. I write about the daily goings on in my world, but last night I received a touching email from an old friend and I decided to share it with you. (I hope my friend doesn’t mind…)

This is someone I met while in college. We worked together at a camp in the Poconos. We clicked instantly. (Probably because we were in a camp in the Poconos and we were the only two non-Jewish and Southern girls there. You bond quickly in situations like that.) At that time, I didn’t know that this person would end up being one of the most selfless people I’d ever met. It wasn’t until after we graduated college that I would make that realization. It wasn’t until after college that she joined the Peace Corps. Since then, she has lived in numerous countries and has worked not only for the Peace Corps, but for Doctors Without Borders.

But she’s been back home for a little while…no doubt growing antsy to get out there and help more people.

This is the email I received yesterday evening:

Greetings Family and Friends-
So MSF (Doctors Without Borders) contacted me last night and asked if I could be ready to go to Haiti with one of their first emergency teams within 48hrs! There was no way I could or would say no, especially after seeing the horrible devastation in Haiti. I’m flying out tonight to Miami and then tomorrow AM MSF has organized a chartered plane for the first team of workers into Port Au Prince. Another MSF team will be leaving on Friday AM. Many MSF workers with MSF sections already working in Haiti are currently unaccounted for. MSF hospital facilities were also heavily damaged just like many buildings throughout Port Au Prince. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

I will probably be in Haiti for at least 4 weeks. I only hope I can provide some service, treatment, and care to those Haitians mostly affected by this devastating earthquake.

 If you would like to make a contribution to Doctors Without Borders, your $$ will go directly to those victims in Haiti. Their website is:

Of course there are many other ways and organizations you can contribute to. 
Just wanted to give you all an update! I will not have cell phone service and I doubt I’ll have internet service. Please keep me in your prayers to give me strength for this emergency mission. I’ll definitely need it! Thinking of you all!
That’s my friend Kelly.  No doubt she is nothing short of an angel.


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6 responses to “Relief Efforts

  1. Truly a wonderful person. The world could do with more like your friend.

  2. rhooby

    what a great mission she has! and oddly, i had contributed to doctors without borders before you posted!

  3. katie o.

    How funny!! Kelly really is a saint. The list of where she has been and what she has done really is amazing. I’ve never met anyone as selfless and as giving as her.

  4. Can’t write for the tears! Do I remember this girl????? She really is an angel and I only wish I were as selfless as she! Keep that friendship going! I’ll have her and the survivors in my prayers.

  5. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to get reminders that we can all do more, no matter what our life circumstances are. We can’t all go to Haiti for 4 weeks, but I definitely can contribute to doctors without borders.

    • katie o.

      I couldn’t agree more Julie. I too cannot go to Haiti, but I can make donations. And from what we’re hearing, there are many, many just like us…

      It’s an amazing thing to see people come together to aid those in need…

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