wk21: toilet

It’s your Wednesday edition of the Weekly Photo Challenge.
As you can see from the subject, this week’s challenge was “toilet”.
Yes, toilet.

Who thinks of making a toilet a photo challenge subject anyway?
It’s dirty.
It’s gross.
It’s private.

Oddly enough, this one has been one of my favorite challenges.

wk20:toilet (in a shower)

Mainly because my husband just happened to be re-tiling the bathroom floor at the time.
And as a joke, stuck the toilet in the shower.
I think he was going for a true Water Closet.

It worked.



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7 responses to “wk21: toilet

  1. LOL I’m with you on who picks toilet as a subject. However you managed to come up with a unique shot.

  2. katie o.

    thanks sarah! i think you should join in the fun! add it to your 365 day project. the more (projects) the merrier!

  3. To my defense, the point was to think about the mundane [though icky] creatively. My bad.
    And Katie, you did a fabulous job.

  4. katie o.

    I admit it was weird, but I loved it. I thought it was hysterical to take a photo of a toilet. And you are sweet.
    And yours my friend…I can’t get enough of.

  5. rhooby

    i bet you’re the only family in the neighborhood with a toilet in your shower. imagine what kramer could do with that….

  6. katie o.

    thank you blayne!

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