*UPDATE* not a trendsetter.

*After having worn the 2nd pair of shoes for a little over 6 hours, I can now confirm that yes, I may look cool, but my ankles are on the verge of breaking. God save anyone who wears these shoes who also has brittle bones….

Not sure if you’ve caught on to this yet, but I am not a trendsetter.
I wear clothes because they make me comfortable. Not because they’re stylish.
If it weren’t for family and friends, I’d have no fabulous jewelry at all. It would just be a pair of jeans, a sweater, and these.

But over the Christmas break something changed. Or rather, I needed a change. So I set out to buy the trendiest shoes I could find.
And friends, I bought these…

But that wasn’t enough. I had to buy more.

So I bought these too…
buckle boots

And even though I look absolutely ridiculous, I gotta tell you, it’s kind of fun trying to be trendy.
Of course it’s all fun and games until I break a leg, but until that time, I’m going to enjoy this new trendsetter status.



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7 responses to “*UPDATE* not a trendsetter.

  1. I am thinking there is a zero percent chance that those buckle boots will fall off inadvertently.

  2. Gorgeous! I’d love to wear shoes/boots like this but I like my comfort too much… plus I so couldn’t run down the road after my six year wearing those. lol.

  3. I’ll stick to the jeans, sweater and sneakers I’m wearing today. I just tell myself “I make this look good”. 🙂

  4. rhooby

    i think those shoes are absolutely fabulous! some fabulous ass kickin boots!! you can wear those on the days someone’s ass needs the toe..

  5. Lindsay

    I have been wanting shoes like that! Unfortunately non-leaking skylights come first it seems, sigh. And I highly doubt you look ridiculous.

  6. Umm…I LOVE those buckle boots. But I am no trendsetter. I would kill myself on those skinny heels approximately .5 seconds after putting them on. Good on you for being brave AND sassy!! 🙂

  7. vicvickvicky

    Hahaha, here I am sitting at work in heels that absolutely kill. I don’t fel quite as glamourous as my shoes so I definitely know how you feel! 🙂

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