I need to vent.

We’re getting our house ready to put on the market in the next few weeks. We’ve put a lot, and I mean a lot, of work into our home to get it ready. Unfortunately, even though we’ve done the granite countertops, the new tile floors, the updated hardwoods, you still have to stage.

Yes kids, stage.

And staging is expensive.
Very expensive.

I don’t want to even tell you how much I’ve spent on knick knacks over the last two days because I’m too embarrassed.
Curtains. Check.
Vases. Check.
Towels. Check.
Art work. Check.
Random bathroom junk. Check.

Pain in my bank account. Check.

You’d think that by getting out there and spending money to decorate your house, you’d have a great time, right?
Unfortunately, not so much which is a real shame.

Selling a house is no fun. Especially when it’s not even on the market yet.

Oh…and have I mentioned the part about picking out carpets?
Oh lordy…
One word – nightmare.



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9 responses to “Venting.

  1. rhooby

    but you get to take a lot of those goods with you when you move!

  2. I hate that you have to stage your homes now and do so much work to them just to sell knowing that pretty much most of what you’ve put all that hard work into will be ripped out, painted over, replaced. I much prefer to see an empty shell and get my own feel for a place, that was what was so great when we looked at the place we’re in now.

    Still as rhooby said you can take a fair bit of that with you, although make sure you’re estate agent (ermm I mean Realator or what they are called that side of the pond) makes that clear in your details.

    Also hubby (who at times in his job has to sell properties) says it’s lazy on the Estate Agents part saying that your home has to be to a certain degree of decor, it makes it easier for them. He once managed to sell a house that was stuck in 70’s decor that had a fountain in the front room, light up steps and a mirrored bedroom ceiling. lol.

  3. Ugh. Ya gotta spend money to make money….that’s always irritating!

    And then if you’re like me, you’ll get into your new house and “just do a little decorating” and before you know it, you’ll have knick-knack, thing-a-ma-jig, little rug here, little rug there’d your checking account into crippling pain all over again.

    But hey. You should have plenty of “home” inspiration through all of this madness! 🙂

    • Last time we moved and sold our house, we took about 1/3 of our stuff and put it in a portable storage unit. It’s amazing how big those closets look with half of the stuff gone! Just clearing out a bunch of crap is often the best staging you can do. You pay for the storage unit, but you also get a head start on packing – we boxed up things we wouldn’t need to open again until we were in the new house. Good luck!

  4. Woops, I meant to put that on the headboard post… Good luck with the sale of your home.

  5. katie o.

    Julie, we did just that. We got the Pod and loaded up so much junk! It was insane. Too bad we still have that much more junk to load up and send elsewhere. But yes, the removal of stuff really did make our place look about 10x better.

    Becki D- I think I’m already there. There goes part of the down payment for the new house. 🙂

    Sarah, the sad thing is nowadays, people just go in expecting top of the line everything…for an incredibly reduced price. It’s incredibly frustrating…but we want to move on so we’ll do what we need to and know that the next house will be much cheaper than it should be as well.

    and rhoob, yes my friend, you are correct. although i probably shouldn’t start decorating the next house quite yet.. 🙂

  6. they should have a rental program for staging your own home 🙂

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