week20: fire

Time’s up.
It’s Wednesday, deadline day.
Weekly photo challenge day.

This week’s subject is fire. If you’re a pyromaniac then this week’s challenge is right up your alley. I, sadly, am not a pyro. I like matches, but only in regards to lighting candles. So no fun pyro shots out of this girl. For those, click here. The challengers in the photo pool stepped it up big time this week. I’m what you might call- jealous.

But I grabbed my camera and powered through.
And after taking photos of candles burning…matches burning…the gas stove burning…I grew very, very bored.

So with no fire burning in the fireplace (even though it’s a balmy 29 degrees out), I plopped down on the kitchen floor, opened the burner drawer on the oven, and took this shot.

week20: fire

And after all of the really, totally lame shots I have taken with this week’s challenge, I do kind of dig this shot.

{Just don’t tell anybody.}



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6 responses to “week20: fire

  1. I like it.

    1. It’s a different kind of shot.
    2. You’ve really captured the blue of the flame on the element brilliantly.
    3. There’s pretty bokeh in it.

  2. K, that rocks! *I* am jealous

  3. Awesome! When my grandfather died I got a manicure and pedicure for the funeral. It was cold out, so I didn’t care about taking the paint off. I let it chip away, and then, on my big toe the paint chipped away to a bird shape! I know it’s crazy, but it made me feel better. I left it for a long time. The heart in your eyeshadow reminded me of that 🙂 Thanks and happy snow day!!

  4. Hey be careful since they closed the firehouse that was closest to your house. Perhaps now that there is a new Mayor they may reopen. I think your Wed redneck posts are just hysterical and the one with the pink bubble gum made me laugh out loud. I am so jealous that you met the PW as I was way to lazy to stand in the line. Ah I like your necklace too!
    Joyce (Chris’ MIL and Annie’s Mom from DeFoors)

    • katie o.

      Joyce! So glad you stopped by! I love your daughter and SIL! and that grandson of yours is the cutest thing ever.

      You’ll appreciate this…the bubble gum with toothpicks is a true story relayed to me by my mother in law. crazy, huh? and funny.

      ps. I can’t believe I stood in line for 4 hours for an autograph. That ranks up there as one of the most insane things I’ve ever done.

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