what am i thinking?

As you are probably aware by now, I’m fully engrossed in a 52 week photo challenge.
I cannot tell you enough how hard it is has been for me. This week’s challenge is “fire”. You’d think with the weather being what it is…with the temperature being as bitter cold as it is, I would in fact have started a fire. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I have. It’s not that we’re lazy. It’s that the gas smell is unbearable. Like really unbearable. So this week’s challenge is sending me into a bit of a panic.

So knowing that nugget of information, would you think I’m a wee bit bonkers for wanting to partake in the 365 Project?

The whole idea has me intrigued.

And seeing as we’re only 5 days into the new year, seems like as good a time as any to start this little project.  Only thing is, I think if I’m going to do this, I’m going to need a theme.

That’s where you come in.

Leave a comment with a theme you think would make for a great 365 day project….

Otherwise you’ll be seeing things like this….everyday for a year.

Then again, if you like dogs, I’m game.
I’m totally game.

Just nothing creepy kids…
I don’t do creepy.



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11 responses to “what am i thinking?

  1. Lindsay

    Oh, I love dogs. Mine is adorable I think. I saw that project, and since I have a friend that’s a photographer and has promised to help me learn how to use my camera better I thought about going ahead and trying it. Just so I could start using trial and error to figure out what works and doesn’t… But anyways, what about something like home – and this could be anything from your home to Atlanta. Anything that makes you feel at home. Which would still mean doggie photos. Or each day take a picture of something different that you normally take for granted…

  2. I decided to do the 52 week challenge featuring me. Yep, 52 weeks of self portraits. I hate being in front of the camera so my friend suggested “selfies”. It is a good opportunity to learn more about my camera, different techniques and lots of creative possibility. Plus, you always have a model!

    • @Deltha – WOW! That’s a REALLY good idea. I HATE being in front of the camera, but I’m cheering you on and I’ll be checking you out. Not in a creepy, stalky way, though.

  3. K, hats off to you. I’m running about like a crazy person with B’s challenge already. But I totally think you should do it and since I know you hate them, I think you should make feet & toes your project theme 🙂

    OK, seriously. What about a color OR funny/weird signs?

    That’s all I got, you should consider the toe thing. jiji

  4. I started my own 365 project this year. Yes it is hard to find interesting things to photograph daily. Most of my year will be of my two dogs too. We just have to remind myself to think outside the box. This journey should be interesting. Happy Shooting!!!

  5. katie o.

    I love all of these ideas! Although, Anamaris, I think I’m going to have to pass on the feet theme. A) it totally freaks me out and B) do you really want to look at feet that much?

    Food is probably the obvious choice here so maybe I’ll take a spin on that…incorporating some other themes into it..like “self” and “home”…

    Oh lordy, let the insanity begin!

  6. Podmate at work is doing a 365 self-portrait challenge. And there are themes for days of the week. Like “bench” Mondays – a picture of yourself on a bench. Maybe make a theme for your days. Monday is a SP, Tuesday is food, Wednesday is people/animals, Thursday is out and about, Friday is wild card… that way if you can’t think of something, you have your theme to help you out. Or keep a notebook of ideas. I’d start digging through flickr to see others’ 365 challenges.
    I don’t think taking a photo everyday will be challenging – I think uploading them will!

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing 365 days of photos of your dog… and your delicious food. 😀

    I’ve attempted the 365 project twice and personally found it really hard I think the best I did was last year by getting to Day 63 or something like that. I found that I was becoming stressed out thinking what shot to take next and ended up finding I wasn’t enjoying taking photos. But I know you won’t be weak willed like me and manage to do it!

    Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your shots!

  8. Jeana

    Going on the food theme you could use different restaurants and photograph those as well as different types of food done by different types of professionals and non professionals. there are tons of possibilities in the theme of food.

  9. katie o.

    sarah, you’re sweet. i probably already do take that many shots of my dogs, but after a while, the poses start to look the same.
    i’m hoping i can stick with it, but like shutterboo says, it’s the uploading that’s the problem.

    jeana, you are totally right. i do really like the idea of food. if anythign it will show me all of the reasons why i need to work out more!


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